Library Meeting Rooms

How Can I Reserve a Library Meeting Room?

  1. Review the questions below to see if you/your group may submit a request
  2. Read the Meeting Room Use Policy
  3. Read the Meeting Room Reservation Instructions
  4. To submit an online request, click on the appropriate Library branch link below. Please note, same day reservations are not possible. Please read the documentation for additional details.

Who Can Use Library Meeting Rooms?

  • Library programs and other library-sponsored events have top priority.
  • Members of the general public, non-profit organizations, and community groups may submit requests.
  • For-profit companies and organizations are not permitted to reserve meeting rooms.

How May Meeting Rooms Be Used?

  • Meetings must be free and open to the public.
  • You may not charge admission, solicit donations, or sell products/services.
  • Campaign or political activity, smoking, open flames, alcohol, firearms, and gambling are all prohibited in meeting rooms by county ordinances. (see Policy)
  • Light refreshments may be served, but cooking (beyond microwave use, when available) is only permitted in libraries with a commercial kitchen.

Where Are Meeting Rooms Located & What Are the Maximum Occupancies?

  • View map of library locations. Larger meeting rooms are marked in red. Small meeting rooms are marked in yellow. Libraries without public meeting rooms are marked in white.
  • Rooms marked below with (*) may be divided into smaller rooms.
Meeting Room Max Major Amenities
* Bear Mountain Branch Library Activity/Community Room
Online reservations not taken. Please call the branch at (559) 332-2528 to reserve this space.
125 Commercial Kitchen
  Room A  65 Wireless Internet
  Room B  65 Commercial Kitchen, Wireless Internet
Betty Rodriguez Regional Branch Meeting Room 50 Wireless Internet, Ceiling-Mounted Projector
* Caruthers Branch Library Meeting Room  49 Kitchen
Central Branch Library, Sarah McCardle Room  49 Ceiling-Mounted Projector
Fig Garden Branch Library Meeting Room  49  
Fowler Branch Library Meeting Room  50 Kitchen, Wireless Internet, Ceiling-Mounted Projector
Kingsburg Branch Library Meeting Room  20  
Mendota Branch Library Meeting Room  50 Kitchen, Wireless Internet, Ceiling-Mounted Projector
Orange Cove Branch Library Meeting Room  50  
Parlier Branch Library Meeting Room  15  
Sanger Branch Library Meeting Room  49  
Selma Branch Library Meeting Room  50 Kitchen
Sunnyside Branch Library Meeting Room  70  
Tranquillity Branch Library Meeting Room  40  
West Fresno Branch Library Meeting Room    
  Room 102 6  
  Room 103 6  
  Room 104 10  
Woodward Branch Library Meeting Room 140 Kitchen, Ceiling-Mounted Projector

View Full Meeting Room Use Policy