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Fines & Fees

  • Library Materials Check-Out
    • Basic Overdue rate: $0.25 per item per day overdue, cumulating to a maximum of $4.00.
    • Overdue rate, Special Materials: $1.00 per item per day to a maximum equal to the cost of the item. (Includes government documents, materials borrowed from outside SJVLS, microforms, reference materials)
    • Delinquent Accounts (fines/fees in excess of $50): $7.50 for sending to collections agency
    • Replacement library cards: $1.20 (Includes sales tax)
    • Processing fee for lost and damaged materials:
      - Cost of item plus $3.00 for items costing $9.99 and under;
      - Cost of item plus $9.00 for items valued at $10.00 to $ 499.99;
      - Cost of item plus $18.00 for items valued at $500.00 or more
    • Pay a Fine/Fee
  • Copies
    • Photocopies (except from Microform)
      - Self Serve Photocopies: $0.10 per page
      - Staff-Made Photocopies: $0.20 per page
    • Photocopies from Microform
      - Self-serve copies: $0.25
      - Staff-made copies: $1.00
    • Computer print-outs: $0.10 per page (black & white)/ $0.50 per page (color)
    • Photocopy and printout fees will be charged to patrons supplying their own paper
    • Scanning of materials housed in the Heritage Center
      - Only available at the Central Library, Heritage Center: $8.00 per quarter hour
  • Information Delivery
    • FAXing of information: $1.50 for the first page, plus $0.30 for each additional page. For calls out of Fresno County, there is an additional charge of $0.25 for the first page and $0.15 for each additional page. No charge for FAX cover sheet. The following branches have Fax Service: Bear Mountain, Mendota, San Joaquin, Sunnyside, and Woodward Park.
    • Mailing of Information: $1.80 for the first page, plus $0.18 for each additional page.  For microform copies, $2.70 for the first page, plus $1.08 for each additional page.
  • Other Special Services
    • Flash Drive: $6.00 (includes sales tax)
    • Floppy Disc: $1.00 (includes sales tax)
    • Information & Referral
    • Meeting Room Cleaning charge: Actual costs, not to exceed $80.00 per hour
    • On-Demand Book Talk: $35.00 + mileage
    • Service charge: $18.00 for returned checks
    • Headphones: $4.00 (includes sales tax)
    • Writable CD: $1.00 (includes sales tax) - California History & Genealogy Room only

Effective February 3, 2010