Request Library Materials

If the books or other materials you want are not available when you visit the Library, you can place a request, also known as a "hold."

  • Place Requests using our online catalog. You will need to know your library card number and PIN.
  • You can have up to 30 Requests on your card at any one time. This includes Interlibrary Loan requests.
  • You can request most books and materials held by any branch in the San Joaquin Valley Library System. Exceptions include reference books, special collections items, and some formats.
  • Have your Requests sent to any Library location for pickup.
  • Receive a notice by email or by phone when your Request arrives at the Library.
  • Follow the status of and manage your Requests by using My Account online.
  • You have 10 days to pick up your request. If you do not pick up the item within that time period, the hold expires the item is returned to the shelf.

Suspend Requested Items Until a Later Date

Use the "Edit/Suspend Holds" feature to defer one or more of your requests to a later date that is more convenient for you. You won’t lose your place on the waiting list or miss out on your favorite titles. You might find this feature helpful if:

  • You have a large number of requests and don't want all of them to arrive at once.
  • You’ve ordered a series and want to make sure they come in the right order.
  • You’re going on vacation and don’t want to miss any requests that might arrive while you’re out of town.

To suspend a hold until a later date, follow these steps:

  • Log into My Account
  • Click the Holds tab
  • Checkmark one or more titles you want to suspend
  • Pick a "suspend until" date
  • Click "Suspend" to finalize your selection.

Your hold will automatically become active again on the date you have selected.

To make your hold active again before that date:

  • Log into My Account
  • Click the Holds tab
  • Checkmark one or more holds you want to make active again.
  • Click "Cancel Hold Suspension(s)"

Contact Us if you need further assistance.