Fresno County Historical Landmarks & Records Commission
Application for the Register of Centennial Business

Criteria for placement on the Register of Historic Fresno County Businesses:
All business enterprises, except those which qualify under the Centennial Farms Program, which have conducted the same or related business activity for a t least the last 100 years, regardless of change in location, ownership or name, are eligible for placement on the register Register of Historic Fresno County Businesses.

Company Name:______________________________________________
Chief Executive Officer:________________________________________
Street Address:_______________________________________________
City:___________________ZIP:_________    Telephone:_____________

Original Company Name:______________________
Founding Date:__________
Original Business Address:_____________________

Original Business Activities:

Notable Facts, Other Addresses, Name Changes:

Form completed by:________________________

Type of Documentation Acceptable for Verification of Founding Date

Please include copies of one or more pieces of documentation.  Such documentation is necessary for the completion of your firm's entry into the Register.
    ___ Entry in City Directory and/or County History
    ___ Articles of Incorporation
    ___ Company Archives (published company history, business correspondence, early letterhead, bills.)
    ___ Advertisement in historic magazine or newspaper
    ___ Listing with another business association or Business License Department records
    ___ Personal papers (oral interviews, diary, or correspondence)
    ___ Other, specify:

Please check categories which best describe the original and current nature of the business or industry.

Original   Current

   ___       ___   Agriculture: Specify__________________________
   ___       ___   Banking & Finance
   ___       ___   Agriculture, Horticulture & Ranching
   ___       ___   Communications (including telephone telegraph).
   ___       ___   Construction & Architecture
   ___       ___   Entertainment
   ___       ___   Hostelries & Restaurants
   ___       ___   Insurance: Specify____________________________
   ___       ___   Law
   ___       ___   Manufacturing: Specify________________________
   ___       ___   Medical
   ___       ___       Hospital
   ___       ___       Pharmacy
   ___       ___       Other
   ___       ___   Media
   ___       ___   Mining & Metallurgy
   ___       ___   Petroleum
   ___       ___   Real Estate: Specify________________________
   ___       ___   Retail
   ___       ___   Service: Specify________________________
   ___       ___   Transportation
   ___       ___   Utilities
   ___       ___   Wineries, Distilleries, & Beverage Producer
   ___       ___   Other: Specify_______________________________

Notable Facts: Entry might include significant events in the history of your business including mergers, expansion into other fields, change of location, company's innovations and contributions, and comments on the longevity of your business and your buildings.  Use a separate sheet if necessary.

Do you have a business records library or collection?

Does it contain drawings, photographs or other graphics materials which might accompany your entry in the register?