File No:______ Com Date:______ BOS Date:______

Fresno County Historical Landmarks & Records Commission
Centennial Farms Application


Property Name:___________________________ County APN:__________
County: Fresno_    State: CA    Zip:____________

Originally purchased:  _____________
Name of original buyer:_________________________________________
 Family relationship:  _________________________________________
                       (e.g. Great Grandfather, Great Aunt, etc.)

Current Owner:________________________________________________
Owner Address:________________________________________________
Owner City:__________________
County: Fresno_    State: CA    Zip:____________

Are you in a corporation: ___ (Y/N)
Land under one management:___ (Y/N)

Agricultural Production/Sales Value:__________________
                                      (Current Year)

Please attach the following information:
    1.  A legal description
    2.  A map of this property
    3.  A statement reflecting any additions/deletions of property
          (Guidelines state that to qualify these must be minor)
    4.  Description of current and historic farming operations
        (Inclusion of historic photographs is highly desirable.)

Signature of current owner:____________________________Date:_______

Please send completed application to:

Laurel Prysiazny, Secretary of HLRAC
Fresno County Public Library
2420 Mariposa Street, Fresno, CA 93721