Internet Policy - Using the Internet at the Library

All branches of Fresno County Public Library offer access to the Internet. There is no charge for the time you spend on the Internet but there are charges for printing, currently 10 cents per sheet for black and white prints and, where available, 50 cents per sheet for color.

Check with the branches to find out how many internet stations they have and whether color printing is available.

Our Purpose
The Fresno County Public Library provides free public computer access to the Internet to meet the information needs of our users and to provide residents with opportunities for learning about information technology. The Library has no control over the quality or accuracy of information found on the Internet. Users should critically evaluate its content.

Our Access Policy
Consistent with Board of Supervisors Policy, federal and state law, all workstations in all branches offer only filtered access to all Library customers of all ages. The Children's Internet Protection Act requires libraries such as the Fresno County Public Library and the other members of the San Joaquin Valley Library System which receive discounts on Internet connections and service to block or filter for all users visual depictions that are obscene or child pornography, and to filter, for minors, depictions which are harmful to minors.

Internet filters are imperfect. They may block some constitutionally protected material, and they may fail to block some unlawful materials. A 2003 U.S. Supreme Court decision authorizes disabling of the filter for lawful use by adults. Adults 18 years and older may request Library staff to disable the filter for lawful purposes at a specific workstation for a specific session of use. However, no access will be granted to sites rated by the filter as spyware, malware, adware, or the like, because they have the potential to harm the Library’s network and/or individual workstations and disrupt the Library’s ability to provide service to its users. Phishing sites are blocked because of their deceptive collection of personal information. Please tell Library staff if you believe a site has been rated incorrectly.

Further, if the nature of the content being viewed on the Library workstation disturbs other Library users, the viewer will be asked to cease, to use a privacy screen, or be moved to another workstation. See also the Library’s Rules of Conduct. Internet users of all ages may ask the Library to evaluate sites they believe are inappropriately blocked by the filter. The Library will also consider requests by Internet users to block websites believed to display unlawful images.

Filters do not remove all potentially objectionable material found on the Internet. Parents and guardians are strongly encouraged to guide their children's use of the Internet and may wish to use search tools that provide their own additional filters. The Library recommends parents view Exploring the Internet: A Message for Parents. They may also want to share Exploring the Internet: A Message for Kids & Teens with their children. Adults may wish to view our other Internet safety tips.

Internet users are entitled to privacy. As with other library materials, Library staff do not monitor what any user views or reads over the Internet.

Rev. 11-08