Appendix B

Appendix B: Library Locations: Analysis of Size

Branch Status Comments
Biola No Current Library  
Cedar Clinton II No Current Library  
Clovis II No Current Library  
Clovis III No Current Library  
Del Rey No Current Library  
Millerton New Town No Current Library  
Miramonte No Current Library  
Northwest No Current Library  
Sunnyside II No Current Library  
West of 99 No Current Library  
Auberry Unacceptable  
Big Creek Unacceptable  
Cedar Clinton Unacceptable  
Clovis Unacceptable  
Easton Unacceptable  
Fig Garden Unacceptable  
Firebaugh Unacceptable  
Gillis Unacceptable  
Ivy Unacceptable  
Kerman Unacceptable  
Kingsburg Unacceptable  
Mosqueda Unacceptable  
Orange Cove Unacceptable  
Parlier Unacceptable  
Piedra Unacceptable  
Pinedale Unacceptable  
Politi Unacceptable  
Reedley Unacceptable  
Riverdale Unacceptable  
San Joaquin Unacceptable  
Sanger Unacceptable  
Selma Unacceptable  
Shaver Lake Unacceptable  
Sunnyside Unacceptable  
TBLB Unacceptable  
Tranquillity Unacceptable  
Bear Mountain Inadequate  
Caruthers Underway Under Construction
Central Underway Study
Fowler Underway Library Bond Act of 2000
Laton Underway Under Construction
Mendota Underway Library Bond Act of 2000
Woodward Underway Awar 2/25/03

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