Recommended Actions

Immediate 2003
Develop a service delivery plan for the renewal of Measure B. The plan shall include a facilities component.
Complete construction on Caruthers, Laton and Woodward.
Submit Bond Act of 2000 projects for Fowler, Mendota in March 2003.
Resubmit in January 2004 if not successful. The successor bond bill gives priority to projects not funded in January 2004.
Adopt the four recommended principles for selecting facilities projects.
By April 2003 identify Bond Act Projects for submission in January 2004. The feasibility for additional projects would be dependent on availability of sufficient funds for the local match. These funds could come either from Measure B funds, public/ private partnerships, or a combination. The feasibility is also dependent on sufficient staff time to complete these complex projects.
Select the following preference order for the study sites: Cultural Arts (Fulton/Calaveras/Van Ness/San Joaquin), Fulton Mall North (Fulton/Tuolumne) and Current (Mariposa Street); and direct staff to conduct site studies, to explore partnerships with the City of Fresno on acquisition, and to determine the cost of acquisition for each site.
Support additional authority from the voters for library facilities (SB 40 and AB 222) which could provide up to two-thirds of funding for multiple projects. Monitor the amount of SB 40/AB222, the total number of projects statewide, and authorize staff to review the impact of requesting an amendment to increase the maximum amount of state funds for a single building.
Set up an interdepartmental task force to refine efficiencies and economics of scale for cost effective timely design, construction, and furnishings. (Representation from Public Works: Capital Development, Planning, Real Property, and Construction Management; County Administrative Office, Purchasing, County Counsel)
Intermediate 2004-2006
Work with City and county staff throughout the library district to identify feasible sites and explore partnerships for projects identified in April 2003 as top priority projects.
Develop a public/private partnership and/or planned giving and other private fundraising program to raise or secure commitments for $10 million.
After funding for Measure B is renewed, survey residents for their support of a construction bond or other public financing mechanism. Based on results of survey, update these actions.
Long Term 2006-2012
Identify and begin work on next set of projects.
Update the Master Plan in 2012.

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