Public Input

Sixteen Public Forums were held between October 2002 and January 2003. Staff also attended two neighborhood meetings regarding the Central Library. Attendance ranged from small to very satisfactory. In many cases civic and community formal and informal leaders attended. Their presence at the meetings and interest in the library has already opened many doors and conversations for future actions. A number of communities commented that population projections were low.
Email and Personal Comments
Members of the public were also invited to submit comments electronically via email and in person at branch libraries. Comments and questions from all the meetings are available by contacting the Associate County Librarian. Comments focused largely on facility development, and there were some on library service. Only those focused on facilities are included in the Appendix. People in many communities are excited about the prospect of new and or larger library and have already held or scheduled future meetings to discuss projects in greater detail. Comments were provocative to staff. Predictably comments and interests and questions in each community focused on that community. The preferred site for a new Central Library was the cultural site. There were no comments that the facilities were not needed or were too large.

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