Construction Costs: Fiscal Impact Conclusions

Preliminary Capital Development Costs for Fresno: The chart on the next page outlines the size and the estimated cost of the libraries
The costs are based on the Caruthers Library project awarded in July 2002 and include escalation to the mid-point of the project.
Projected start dates are in three years. Start dates earlier or later would change costs. Costs are calculated to the middle point of construction.
All costs would be refined during design. Final building size is also refined when the building program is written and during design.
Costs include 1% for art.
Land costs are not included, as there are many variables with land such as the size of the lot, whether or not infrastructure exists, off site improvements, and market conditions.
Projects are listed either as new or expansion. Some projects listed as expansions may end up as new construction if the current site is inadequate for parking and the footprint of the expanded library. More detailed study including a library building program outlining library service needs will be required for each expansion project before a final determination can be made.
For projects which are an expansion and a remodeling of the current space, the cost is calculated as follows: the same methodology is used for expansion as for new construction projects. The remodeling portion is calculated at two-thirds the cost of new construction.
Costs associated with a move into a temporary facility, if necessary, are not included at this time.
Costs are project costs for all except the Central Library, which is construction cost only. The cost of a parking structure for a central library is not included.

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