Specific Conclusions by Facilities

Central Library
Size: the Central Library has less than one-fourth the space needed to provide service. A building program completed in September 2002 for the Central Library outlines the details.
Condition: Inadequate
Regional Libraries
Metropolitan Regionals
The Woodward Regional Library under development will be adequate. Current regional libraries Sunnyside, Fig Garden and Clovis are inadequate in size. To equitably serve the metropolitan area, regional libraries need to replace neighborhood libraries in Cedar Clinton, Gillis, Politi, and Mosqueda. Additional new regional libraries need to be developed for Clovis (1), Northwest Fresno (2) and southeast Fresno (1).
Rural Regionals need to replace branches in Reedley, Sanger and Selma.
Rural branches need to expand and/or replace libraries in Auberry, Easton, Parlier, Mendota, and Kerman. If funds are received from the Library Bond Act of 2000, the needs in Mendota will be met.
Neighborhood Libraries
The Caruthers library will be adequate in size.
New libraries are needed to expand and/or replace neighborhood libraries in Firebaugh, Fowler, the Ivy Center area, Orange Cove, Riverdale, and San Joaquin. An additional new neighborhood library is needed to serve the dense service area of Cedar Clinton; this library is in addition to the metropolitan regional for Cedar Clinton.
If funds are received from the Library Bond Act of 2000, the needs in Fowler will be met.
A new library will be needed for Millerton New Town.
An expansion of the Bear Mountain Library is needed.
New facilities are needed to replace stations in Big Creek, Piedra, Pinedale, Shaver Lake, and Tranquillity.
A new library will be needed for Biola, Del Rey, and Miramonte. An additional station is needed to serve the dense service area of Clovis. The site selected should allow expansion to a metropolitan regional library in order to meet the projected 2025 population. The Laton Library is in an historic building, and the Board approved renovation January 2003. Size formulas have been modified to reflect the historic character of the building. Library staff recommends that a renovation of the onsite garage be considered in 2012; such a renovation would allow the addition of conference and programming space, if suitable space is not available elsewhere in the community.

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