Building Blocks: Size and Condition

The table on the next page shows projected population *5 and size of library locations for the year 2020. The table is arranged in order of need from highest to lowest.

Ten communities will need new facilities because there is no library located in that community.
Twenty-six communities will have facilities that are unacceptable, that is, they will have 11 to 55% of the space needed.
One facility will be inadequate, that is it has 56 to 90% of the space needed.
If no changes are made citizens by the year 2020, and if funding is received from The Library Bond Act of 2000 for Fowler, Mendota and the Central Library, six communities will have libraries of adequate size. The other three libraries that will be adequate in size are Caruthers, Laton and Woodward.

[ Table ]

*5 Population estimates are for the library service area. In this report the census figures for the year 2000 and the projections for 2010, 2020, and 2025 were prepared using a GIS system by staff in the GeoLib Program, Florida State University. The projects are based on TAZ, traffic analysis zone data.

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