Building Blocks: Size and Condition

Meeting and Conference Rooms. Meeting room and conference spaces are heavily used. Some kind of meeting space (either in a conference room or a meeting room) is included for each library. Meeting room space is calculated at 15’ square feet per person.

Large rooms are used for community and library meetings, programs, and workshops. The need for meeting room space is determined in conjunction with each community and is dependent on the needs of the community for activity center space and the availability or lack of availability of such space in the community.
Conference rooms are for small meetings or training sessions, learning or study groups, tutoring, literacy, and classroom type space for training on library resources.
The addition of multiple kinds of electronic sources has also created the need for electronic training rooms.

Staff Work Space

Individual workspace is calculated based on the work assignment of the person.
Delivery for incoming and outgoing mail, shipment of library materials between library facilities, arrival of new materials for addition to the collection, and automated materials handling systems.

Storage calculated at 5 percent of net square feet.

Library Materials such as seasonal library materials, display materials, and gift items.
Miscellaneous equipment and furniture awaiting repair or transfer
Chair, table and audio visual storage for meeting rooms

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