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Why Do We Need Library Buildings (continued)

The Fresno County Public Library Experience
Fresno County Public Library tallies show increased use.
Library Use Chart
The trend of increased use of libraries is not limited to Fresno County Library. In an American Library Association study released during National Library Week in April 2002, the University of Illinois Library Research Center (LRC) found that circulation (In-home use) has increased significantly since March 2001, when the National Bureau of Economic Research pegged the beginning of the latest recession. Using statistical analysis, the LRC found that circulation in March 2001 was 8.3 percent higher than would be expected from the trend observed since January 1997. Following the events of September 11, circulation in October 2001 exceeded the trend by 11.3 percent.
Furthermore, the Fresno County Public Library is offering and more people are attending programs offered by the library. In the most recent year just concluded (2001-2002) 123,689 people attended 5,045 programs. This interest in library programs reflects Americans' need for social networking, intellectual exchange, and information on relevant topics.
Library Programs
Library Program Attendance
The modern library has the dual role of providing facilities and reaching people wherever they are, using convenient packaging and delivery tools. Appendix D provides an excerpt of Fresno County Public Library’s Reference Goals for 2020.
During 2001-2002, 316,000 people used PC’s at the Fresno County Library, which provides access to the library catalog, access to multiple reference databases, World Wide Web access, and office productivity software. During this same time staff assisted 117,000 people in the use of these machines.

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