Rules of Conduct

The Fresno County Public Library welcomes all customers who comply with the following Rules of Conduct.
The purpose of these rules is to ensure that all customers of the Library have access to and use of Library facilities in a quiet, orderly, sanitary and safe atmosphere, unhindered and undisturbed by the disruptive actions and behavior of others.

A person will be immediately expelled and suspended for committing or attempting to commit a serious offense, including assault; battery; theft; vandalism; sexual offenses; offensive touching; harassment, stalking or threatening behavior; the use of alcohol or controlled substances; or having unsanitary bodily hygiene so offensive to other persons that it constitutes a nuisance in the Library.

Any person who refuses to leave the library when asked to do so will be suspended from the Library premises and authorities will be notified. (California Penal Code 602)

A person engaged in the following behaviors will be asked to stop the behavior, and may be asked to leave the library. Failure to comply with requests may result in suspension from the Library premises.

  • Loud talking, offensive language, or engaging in noisy or boisterous activities (including running, roller-blading, skate-boarding.)
  • Using cell phones, pagers, computer workstations and other auditory devices in a manner that disturbs others. Cell phone ringers should be silenced when entering the library. Loud or extended conversations should be moved outside the library.
  • Leaving children unattended anywhere on the Library premises if they cannot care for themselves or if such children interfere with or disrupt other’s use of the library.
  • Unaccompanied adults in the Children’s Room or Area will be asked to leave the Children’s Room/Area, unless they are actively consulting library staff about resources or selecting materials for children. Computer use in Children’s Rooms/Areas, including personal devices, is exclusively for children, and parents or guardians working with children.
  • Misuse of library furniture or equipment.
  • Interfering with or blocking free passage with bicycles, large backpacks, carts and other bulky items.
  • Leaving personal belongings unattended.
  • Giving speeches or handing out literature in the Library (however, such conduct may be allowed in the Library public meeting rooms upon receiving permission from the appropriate Library official.)
  • Soliciting money on the Library premises.
  • Smoking, bathing or sleeping in the library. Smoking within 20 feet of library entrances and windows is prohibited. (California Government Code 7597)
  • Bringing animals, other than service animals, into the Library.
  • Entering or remaining in the Library without shirt or shoes.
  • Grouping around single computer stations.
  • Using someone else’s identification or library card number to access computer stations or check out books.
  • Possessing weapons of any kind on Library premises.

In enforcing these Rules of Conduct, the Library reserves the right to take any action it deems necessary to exercise or preserve any of its rights and remedies under the law, including but not limited to, pursuing legal action for monetary damages against a patron who causes damages or loss of the Library materials, buildings, furnishings, equipment, or grounds. Any such legal action will be brought by the County of Fresno for the Library.

Rev. 06.2014